5 Traits of a Mindful Leader

Aspiring to become a mindful leader starts by asking yourself a set of somewhat uncomfortable and confronting questions.

  • What is my motivation for leading?
  • Am I in leadership because I enjoy power, control, and fame?
  • Am I leading to serve or am I leading to be served?
  • Am I willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of my own?


Mindful leadership means being able to take an honest look at yourself and asking these questions on a regular basis. It also means trying to lead without ego and being willing to put the interest of others before ourselves. If you want to develop into a mindful leader, here are five traits you should focus on.

Leading by Example

A mindful leader should not expect others to do the things that he or she is not willing to do. Otherwise, there will be a disconnect between the leadership and the workforce. That can gradually cause a deterioration of trust. Those in leadership positions should be aware that their behavior and attitude will influence the culture of the organization and the people working under them.

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