2 Silver Bullets for Recognition

chris french

Research shows that recognition—and a culture of appreciation—is the first step toward creating a more human workplace. So what lessons can we learn from companies that have been there before and embarked on their recognition journey?

Chris French, vice president of customer success at Globoforce, kicked off our WorkHuman for Your Company series on Tuesday, by sharing the two “silver bullets” of recognition, based on years of experience implementing recognition solutions.

The first is that recognition works best when everyone in the organization, not just managers, is invited to give and receive recognition. Managers make up only 12-15% of a company’s population; they physically cannot see all the work everyone is doing at once. Social recognition allows managers to see great work that happens when they’re not there. Taking away the peer-to-peer aspect of recognition essentially takes away 85% of the power in your organization.

The second point is that you need adoption and reach. Best practice is to hit 80% adoption in the first year, which works out to between five and eight percent participation per week. Chris shared a success story from Cisco, one of Globoforce’s clients, which reached an 85% participation rate in the first year. This is a significant feat, considering its 70,000-person employee size.

What this really comes down is putting your culture in the hands of the people who live it every day. Everyone is impacted by a recognition moment—the giver, the receiver, the manager, and anyone who adds in their congratulations. By creating a rhythm of recognition across your organization, you get stories the can be used to market your employer brand or even to coach your employees toward better performance.